Water Levels Rising!

Increased rainfall and a heavy snow-pack year has made for very full rivers.  I had a hair appointment down in the town of Eagle so I decided that I would incorporate my workout into the surrounding area.  The Greenbelt is a beautiful paved pathway that meanders along the banks of the Boise River for miles […]

Mom Guilt

A few years back, while laying on our tan recliner bundled in with blankets, I felt an overwhelming feeling that crippled me to tears. My lower back writhed in pain, my neck and shoulder were seized from whiplash, and my brain felt so confused. Nate and I were on our way home from a date […]


With the spring season here, www.mormon.org has given an invitation to learn more about their Easter initiative #PrinceofPeace. We were blessed to be interviewed by www.howdoesshe.com to speak about our faith, hope, and Jesus Christ. Please read their article, it is fun and very well written and the photographer captured our family perfectly. Thank you […]

Glorious Sunday

There is something special about Sundays.  Life slows down, our priorities turn to our Creator and we spend time with family.  I love not having work to worry about, homework to stress over, yard work to conquer, or a sweaty workout.  Sunday is different and I love it!After attending church, we all made brunch together […]