With a kiss on the cheek, you’re off on the bus.  Your day is only beginning I hope you know you are more than enough.  The hallways are busy and humming with excitement.  Each step you take is propelling your ultimate decision.  How you will act and if you’ll be kind, all shows forth as you pure […]

Water Levels Rising!

Increased rainfall and a heavy snow-pack year has made for very full rivers.  I had a hair appointment down in the town of Eagle so I decided that I would incorporate my workout into the surrounding area.  The Greenbelt is a beautiful paved pathway that meanders along the banks of the Boise River for miles […]


Growing up in a home with 6 kids, there was always energy flowing through the halls of our home. I am 3rd in birthright and follow many of the “middle child” traits.   My oldest sister Mishelle was born 7 1/2 years before me and I often looked to her as a second mother.  We […]

The Power of an Apron

Nathan and I had the privileged of visiting a friend on Sunday evening.  This beautiful woman is the kindest gal you’ve ever met!  I would bet money that she hails from the south, because she permeates sweetness and hospitality, and yet has a bit of sass stashed away just in case it’s needed. As we […]

Gettin’ Dirty!

As a mother, I really get tired of seeing electronic devices in my kiddos hands, so today we decided to go play in the dirt instead.  Our project consisted of digging out the work gloves from winter storage and heading to our pile of dirt in the backyard.  Feeling the sun on our faces and […]