What’s Your Why?

Our family’s goal of riding from Mt. Bachelor, Oregon to Los Angeles, California is no easy task.  There are many parts to a dream this big and as we continue to work through each facet, we hit small bumps in the road.  Our approach has been that God will lead us in the direction that […]

Living Unfrozen

We often find ourselves paralyzed by fear, the unknown, our comfort zones, and what society deems as normal.  Time to melt away this idea that we must walk a vanilla path and that joy and dreaming big is for children’s books.  Live Big! Love Others! Go Ollin!  A wise friend once said, “Don’t just think […]

Living Inspired

You’ve found me, so let our adventures begin! This blog is a mixed basket of fun, emotions, and energy which resembles my life! I love to dream big, try new adventures, travel with my family, bring light to others through giving service, decorate my home and make it a welcoming place, encourage others to pursue […]