I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! How many times in our lives have we said, “I did not sign up for this!” The adversity that we all face often come completely unexpectedly, stay longer than we hope, and have twists and turns that we cannot control. There are many things in our lives that […]

Live Your Dash!

Today in my spinning class we were speaking about Memorial Day.  We spoke of the sacrifices that our armed service men and women give to help protect our freedom.  Sadly some of these men and women do not return home to their families as they give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. Our instructor read us […]


With the spring season here, www.mormon.org has given an invitation to learn more about their Easter initiative #PrinceofPeace. We were blessed to be interviewed by www.howdoesshe.com to speak about our faith, hope, and Jesus Christ. Please read their article, it is fun and very well written and the photographer captured our family perfectly. Thank you […]

Glorious Sunday

There is something special about Sundays.  Life slows down, our priorities turn to our Creator and we spend time with family.  I love not having work to worry about, homework to stress over, yard work to conquer, or a sweaty workout.  Sunday is different and I love it!After attending church, we all made brunch together […]

Miracles in the Making

We have picked our next project!  I am giddy with excitement over our newest adventure.  It is a BIG one that will take a bunch of planning, but I have already jumped in with two feet and am running towards our dreams.  If all goes as we hope, there will be many beautiful lives blessed. […]

Romanesco Anyone?

I am so ready for spring and summer and all the delicious fruit and veggies that will be fresh locally.  Today I couldn’t help admire all of the beautiful colors and I decided that we were going to try a new vegetable tonight for dinner.  Has anyone ever tried a Romanesco??  The grocer said it […]