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Care Giver’s Corner

Caregiving for a loved one is often the most difficult and rewarding opportunity. You give of your whole self to love someone and assist them in the details of their lives that they wish they could still do independently. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions…


Q: How do you take care of yourself when you’re immersed in the daily care of someone else?

A: I make sure I have time for myself by using outside resources to help give me mental and physical breaks. Setting myself as a priority gives me the opportunities for fun and helps to fill my bucket (focus and be mindful of who you surround yourself with).  I have come to realize that I can’t take care of someone else if I am in an altered state, so make sure you have adequate sleep,  good nutrition, regular exercise, and find a support group that can help you offload your weight/load you’re carrying (might be friends, family, community group, fitness, etc.). I find it helpful to focus on finding humor when you’re caregiving and bringing light into their day.  I highly recommend going on “girls” trips, pampering yourself, meditating, praying, and serving others in a different way.

Q: Where do you find strength to continue on?

A: I find strength to carry on through God and my faith, knowing that I always have someone who has been through it and is there for me at any time. I believe that there is a bigger plan and it helps me to know that this is only a momentary experience. What I have learned is that there is always hope for change with each new moment, which can be filled with fun or laughter. My husband, children, and family depend on me; I am inspired by their love and my love for them. I’m here to be used as God’s hands to serve as a guide to help others, and vice versa, so that we collectively have less weight and can be compassionate.

Q: What gives you energy?

A: SLEEP, quality sleep! Music, friends, comedies, good food, trying new things (restaurants/classes at the gym), love from my family, kids and husband, giving and getting appreciation- You get more of what you’re grateful for.