Why Not Dream Big?

The past 2 weeks I have had plenty of time for my mind to brainstorm as I have been sick with a sinus infection.  Nate often worries when I have that much “down” time because I am a BIG DREAMER!  I have found that this big dreamer trait is not always widely accepted and at times can be looked down upon and my question is…. WHY?  Why shouldn’t we set lofty goals? Not only think outside the box but throw the box out the window? Make our outrageous dreams become a reality, and live into an extraordinary life? I feel that especially as women, we are taught to be sensible, stable, constant, and predictable.  Which are great traits! But how many lives could we touch, including our own, if we lived as if it were impossible to fail.  A world where we don’t fear failure, but understand that it is the necessary steps to achieving greatness.  Dream Big, Go Ollin, and Believe!