Ignite your Flame- Vision Board

Each morning as I am picking out my clothes for the day I see my VISION BOARD.  I  placed my goals in an area that would set my morning intentions, helping me to live into them more fully.

At a recent conference I learned some valuable lessons from James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence.  He is an incredible athlete that completed 50 full Iron Man races in 50 consecutive days in all 50 states!  Doesn’t that sound unreal!  Well it was unreal, until James and his wife Sunny decided to make it a goal and to FINISH!  James spoke of how when we feel the fear of our goals, to do it anyway.  Redefining IMPOSSIBLE, and making it I’M POSSIBLE, allows us to grow and flourish in life.

On the top right corner of my vision board I pasted the phrase, TELL YOUR STORY. I have realized over the past decade and a half that there have been many moments where survival mode is the only way that I have made it through certain hours or days of my life.   When I was 24 years old and my brother-in-law found my sister and I shopping and told me that I needed to get to the hospital quickly, as Nathan had been in a severe skiing accident.  Or when I huddled in the corner of the hospital bathroom calling my parents in the early morning hours, just after Nate fell off the X-ray gurney and broke his neck a second time.  Also after being hit by a drunk driver and I was undiagnosed with a mild brain trauma for 2 1/2 months.  These situations were huge challenges in my life, and with each adversity I found myself covering and hiding my true identity to protect myself from criticism, disappointment, exhaustion, and vulnerability.  I have been the biggest cheerleader for my husband in living his dreams and achieving his goals, but have kept my own aspirations safe, hidden, and well protected from all the “what if’s”.

My word for this year is ILLUMINATION!  I am allowing myself to shine from now on. I am giving myself permission to go after my own goals and dreams.  I am going to share my story, believe in the person I want to become, break through barriers, live an outrageous life, have good habits, break-out of my comfort zone, travel to areas where I can help people, love bigger, live more fully with passion, keep the faith, honor my abilities and strengths, and make a difference in this world!  I am worth it and want to honor my father in heaven for carrying me through all of the adversities.

Viktor Frankl said, “What is to give light, must endure the burning.” My fire has been reignited and I’m asking anyone that is reading my blog to join me in letting your light shine and together creating a BLAZE!

All My Love,