The Power of an Apron

Nathan and I had the privileged of visiting a friend on Sunday evening.  This beautiful woman is the kindest gal you’ve ever met!  I would bet money that she hails from the south, because she permeates sweetness and hospitality, and yet has a bit of sass stashed away just in case it’s needed.

As we spoke, I kept eyeing a stack of colorful fabrics that were folded next to her.  Then we were taught about the power of the apron! Our dear friend has battled debilitating health issues for many years and it has rendered her unable to get out and give of her heart and love through service.  She purchased a sewing machine for $100 and decided she was going to teach herself how to sew.  Why?  Because a wise woman once taught her that people wear aprons to serve.  Since her health made it difficult to physically give assistance, she decided to create aprons that others could use while serving.  I instantly could see a mother helping with a science project, a grandmother baking Christmas cookies for her grandchildren, a neighbor barbecuing for the cul-de-sac gathering, and a father working with his son to fix up the family car.  All of these wonderful services can and are done while wearing an apron.

The love that I saw in every pocket, stitch, and bow taught me about the sacrifice and courage that my friend had to teach herself how to sew, without any patterns, the beautiful pieces of art.  She freely gives them away to anyone that is in need or when spirit whispers.

How many times have we allowed adversities in life to cause us to make excuses as to why we cannot give?  I am grateful for the reminder that there is always a way that we can give to others and follow the example of Jesus Christ.