For those that missed yesterday’s big announcement, our family of six is going to ride bicycles from Coos Bay, OR to Los Angeles, CA this July! It will be over 1,000 miles long and wind along the Pacific Coastline. We will be riding in a relay style, so we will have 2-3 members of our family riding at one time and then tagging off to the next group to continue the mileage for the day. We are aiming for approximately 100 miles a day.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Three reasons…

1. To raise awareness and funds to purchase wheelchairs and deliver them to individuals in Africa or South America. (Over 100 million people around the world today are in need of wheelchairs.) 2. To have an Epic family goal, work hard, and fight for an amazing cause.

3. Inspire others to dream big, go after lofty goals, and to know that you need to ask for help from others to achieve your biggest and most daunting ambitions.

As we cleaned out our garage today, I saw Nate’s bike, which is a great hand cycle that needs a good tune up and two other mountain bikes. What I’m trying to say, is that we are NOT a hardcore biking family! We don’t even have enough bikes for our whole family and the ones we do have are going to need some work. We will be interviewing and partnering with a non-profit wheelchair mission to help with wheelchair distribution. We will be writing proposals to corporate sponsors and working with media. Working on a new logo for shirts and signage. Securing biking equipment and gear. Mapping out our biking course and daily mileage outline. Researching supplements and proper nutrition for a family to ride for 10-14 days straight. Looking into an RV rental or borrowing one to help with tired riders, decreasing pressure sores, a place to prepare meals, etc, while we have other riders continue to bust through the miles. And much more…..

We are excited for this endeavor and with the beautiful people who have no means of independence and need wheelchairs as our motivation, we are pushing forward and are committed to making a difference in their lives.Please join us in our journey! We will be keeping our friends and followers updated as our progress continues and we LIVE UNFROZEN! We welcome any advice and knowledge that will aid in our efforts.

*If you missed the LAUNCHING VIDEO from our last post, please go back and watch it and SHARE IT with others! Together we can accomplish amazing things.