I Believe in You!

DECEMBER 22, 2001
Sitting in a dimly lit waiting room at St. Charles Hospital in Bend, Oregon, I vividly recall minutes crawling by and yet my thoughts and mind could not be on a faster track. Our neurosurgeon enters the room and sits next to me and my dad. After gathering his own thoughts and wits he delivers news t

hat I’m sure he has had to do far more often than he ever thought he would have to while going through medical school. “Your husband has broken his neck and is paralyzed. He will most likely never walk again.”
Fifteen years have passed an

d as I look back over my life with Nathan, I can’t help but know that he was sent here with a purpose. After battling through two separate neck breaks, being hit by a drunk driver, 8 or 9 rounds of pneumonia, cracking his skull and developing 2 hematomas from falling on our concrete flooring, lung surgery, and daily life at a pain scale that ranges between 5-8, I know that Heavenly Father is aware of him and has carried us through all of our struggles.
Nate normally writes a thought on his anniversary and sends it out to our friends and family. I wanted to beat him to the

punch and make this video to show him that I Believe in Him! Every day is unknown for us, as for all of you. I admit that I live with some fear about the future of his health, I feel sad that he has to endure constant physical pain, I hurt because I know he would love to have legs that could run, a body that could stand and hold me and our kids, and I worry about all of the “what-ifs”.
While making this video, I was brought to tears many times as I saw Nate making the best of every situation and creatively figuring out how he was going to live life, despite and with his challenges. I love you Nathan and I honor you for the fight you continue to fight, and for the lives that you are touching along the way!