This month I had the great opportunity to spend 4 days with an amazing group of women. I am so grateful for the love and strength that each one of them possess. We laughed so hard our stomachs ached, we cried during moments of sharing our trials and fears, and we made memories that we will always remember.
Today I want to celebrate the strength and bravery of all women and the positive force that we can be to bring extra joy and light to this world. We have an unique opportunity to bless others’ lives with compassion, kindness, service, honesty, and courage. We can make a difference in so many ways so lets use our passions and talents to enrich the lives around us.
I also want to celebrate the men in our lives, that helped make not only our girls’ getaway possible, but encourage us on a daily basis. I am blessed to have a supportive spouse who understands that I need to have the opportunity to be a “queen bee” and not just a “worker bee”. I am grateful for Nate’s willingness to work hard, take on my household roles and jobs, and still make time to spend time with our kids.
As a new week begins, I feel that my bucket has been filled and I can now reach out with more effort and love to lift others. Thank you Nathan and all of the husbands out there that understand the importance of “girls’ time”.
Love you! Heather

“The team you are assembling, whether you realize it or not, is sprinkled with individuals who will be the most supportive and loyal friends you’ve ever had.” Nathan Ogden