Nathan: In many of life’s unforgettable stories there is a quiet giant. One that stands in the background and orchestrates the details of each moment. This is my wife Heather. She is always cheering me on, setting up the next adventure, encouraging me to keep pushing, and never giving up on me. She is a Dreamer, an Instigator, and a Doer!

This year at our Genshai retreat, we all had to come up with one word that describes what we are. Just one word. This took time and thought, but almost everyone in our group could produce their word. This was not so for my wife. I could see Heather struggle to find her word and as she unearthed her deep feelings, she realized that she plays the role of assisting others to fulfill their dreams and see their potential, especially me. Heather has been so busy helping me and others with my/their goals, that she has put her own aspirations on hold.

Heather:  This week I saw a preview for a Super Bowl commercial for Audi and it said, “Progress is for Everyone!” It is my time to shine. I have decided that my word is ILLUMINATION! I commit to go after my lofty dreams, pursue my passions, come out of the shadows, and honor God with the gifts that He has given me. I have thought for years that if I pursued my own heart-songs, that I would take away from Nate’s progress. I have come to realize that it just isn’t so. Together WE can accomplish what WE were sent here to do. All of us have a role here to play, our own instrument. As we join forces and all boldly play for the world to hear, our orchestra builds and our unison brings about an influential change. It’s our time to SHINE!

“A slowly thawing glacier of ice will eventually break free, plunging into a pool of water below causing a magnificent ripple effect that is beautiful to behold. Break free from your fears and start your own waves.” Nathan Ogden- Unfrozen- Chapter 9