Glorious Sunday

There is something special about Sundays.  Life slows down, our priorities turn to our Creator and we spend time with family.  I love not having work to worry about, homework to stress over, yard work to conquer, or a sweaty workout.  Sunday is different and I love it!After attending church, we all made brunch together and watched as the rain lightly hit the windows of the dining room.

Cortlyn wanted to learn how to make bean bags, so we pulled out the sewing machine and had a very basic lesson.  (Which is almost the extent of my sewing knowledge, seriously!) Kyler pulled out the game Rummikub for our evening entertainment and realized we have three Rummikub games.  Must be on sale around Christmas.

Malani worked on an art project and lucky Seniya got to give Tucker (the dog) an impromptu bath since he found some horse manure.

Not everything is perfect as we have arguments that must be settled and negotiations on nap time, but I am grateful for a day to rest and enjoy my favorite things… my family!

Happy Sunday!