Get On My Bike, Let’s Ride!

On our little lane, there are only a few homes that sprinkle the 1/2 mile quiet drive.  The wind was blowing and it was a bit chilly so I thought I would pick Cortlyn up at the bus stop.  I entered the garage to jump into my car and saw one of the other kid’s bike and thought, “why not?”  I quickly pumped up the winter-flattened tires and headed down the hill a quarter mile to meet her.  Upon seeing me, Corty-lou busted up laughing and said, “What are you doing Mom?”  I told her to hop on and let’s ride!  Growing up as a kid, I always use to have my little sister, cousin, or friend share my “banana” seat bike with me.  Cute Cort and I laughed at how uncomfortable sharing the seat was, how my legs were burning of pain due to my new work outs this week at the gym, and how bizarre we looked on this bike.  A car drove by and gave a friendly wave. It was only then that I started questioning how ridiculous I looked, would they judge me for not wearing helmets, or being unsafe for riding old school style?  THEN I CAME BACK TO THE PRESENT MOMENT!  I was making a memory with my daughter that day, that hopefully she will always remember.  I helped her to feel special and loved.  I allowed myself to have that child-like carefree fun and we laughed!  Let’s Ride!